An orientation lasts approximately 45 minutes and presents an opportunity to gain a better understanding of bill’s Gym Fitness System, equipment, policies and procedures. Schedule this appointment with Bill to help reach your personal fitness goals. Come prepared to work out!

Please remember not to engage in strenuous activity or consume a large meal, alcohol, or caffeinated beverages in the 2 hours prior to the assessment.

The Strength Training Circuit – 2-3x/week

We offer three different high intensity total body workout circuits that target all muscle groups.

Each circuit takes approximately 30 minutes.

Take a day off between workouts. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will always be available to support and motivate you!

Bill’s Gym Also Recommends Taking Classes To Add Variety To Your Workout

Disclaimer: Exercising at bill’s Gym can help reduce stress, build confidence, and cause weight loss. You will also be exposed to others members that care and share ideas about their health and fitness.

Interested? Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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